Partner Program Resources

Learn How to Use CDN Partner Program to Increase Sponsors and Generate Additional Fundraising Revenues.



Your partner page provides you with flexible options including promotion of your events and increasing your exposure and revenues from sponsorships, coupons, contests and the sale of fundraising products.

Publishing Your Partner Page

Your PARTNER PAGE must be PUBLISHED and CURRENT for all of your content to be available on the site. Your first partner page may be saved as a draft or published to make it available for viewers. After you publish your partner page, return any time to edit it. Once published, it may be modified and UPDATED but will no longer be available in a DRAFT status. Clicking on UPDATE will immediately change the content of your partner page to reflect your changes.

Changing Your Partner Page

A powerful Partner Page lets you promote events and increase exposure and revenues from sponsorship, coupons, contests and the sale of fundraising products.

Changing your partner page will encourage repeat site visitors who are likely to become great supporters and share your information. Remember to use relevant keywords in all copy as these are searchable by site visitors. Tool tips in partner page fields will help you to achieve your best results.

Partner Page Countdown Timer

Your partner page will display a countdown timer based on the expiration date that you set. If your partner page is about to expire, you will receive notifications by email as reminders to update your page or expiration date. Should your partner page expire, all of your content throughout the site will be taken offline until your partner page and expiration date are updated.

CUSTOM URL (Permalink) +

When you create your first PARTNER PAGE, you will be asked to specify a custom URL. This can be the name of your school or nonprofit and words can be separated by a dot (.), dash (-) or underscore (_). This is called your permalink and will not change. When your permalink is created, the system will automatically create your unique QR code that links to your partner page. This will be available in your profile. Use your QR code on stationery, printed materials, email signature, and even on windows, doors and vehicles. When your QR code is scanned, the visitor will land on your partner page where they will see your most current promotion.

To save QR Code, Right click on the image and select save image as(for PC), (save images to Mac). It is strongly recommended that you test the image on your phone or tablet to make sure that it produces the correct URL. If you feel there is an error, please click on SUPPORT from your admin area and we will troubleshoot the issue.


Residual Income through Sponsorship

Our system will deposit 10% of your sponsors' monthly member fees into your account beginning from the month they sign up and are approved. From your account, you will be able to view your sponsors, view revenues based on a date range, and withdraw funds into your PayPal account. Sponsors must be business members who apply for sponsorship. They must be approved by you. You can easily approve or reverse sponsor approval from your profile page. 

How Sponsorship Works

A business member who wants to apply for sponsorship will visit your partner page and click a button that says BECOME A SPONSOR. This opens a form that requires the business member to select the partner they wish to sponsor from a drop down menu. They must also complete a field explaining why they want to be your sponsor.

You receive an email notification that you have a pending sponsor application. When you login, you will be able to view the business members name, contact info, industry, deal page link and comment. You simply click a button to approve or reject. An automated message gets sent to the business member. Upon approval, a caption automatically appears on the member's deal page that says, Proud Sponsor of and next to that is your logo linked to your partner page.


Recruiting Businesses You Know and Trust

Whether you're a school or nonprofit, you have lists of people who are affiliated with your organization and want to support you. Many of those people are trustworthy businesses who would be eager for an opportunity to grow their revenues in a way that supports you. That's what a sponsorship on is all about.

By promoting your  presence on and the sponsor opportunity, you will encourage membership from people you know and trust. Once they become members, they can visit your partner page and apply as your sponsor.

Other Ways to Recruit Sponsors

As you promote your partner page to your contacts, encourage them to share with their friends and family. If the majority of people on your list shares, you are much more likely to recruit sponsors. And everyone knows someone in business - it might be their dentist, hair salon, gym, restaurant, pet store, etc - businesses and professionals who would love to get more business as they help a great cause.


Members can promote their live and webinar events in a powerful way. All events (filtered by event type) get posted to the calendar that displays on all pages of the Site. Gold members get one Google Hangout live streaming event produced for free during their initial 12 months of membership.

All Members are able to use the Site’s powerful software that promotes and plays their pre-recorded YouTube video presentation at a time selected by the Member. Each event automatically builds a registration list for the Member prior to the event, sends automatic reminders to registrants, displays the correct status of the event (registration, live/replay) from a permanent URL and provides options for the Member to edit and re-schedule events on a recurring basis with registration, list building and event reminder functionality.

Bronze Members can add or reschedule one live or webinar event every 6 months with the 6 months beginning from the date of their last event. Gold Members can add or reschedule unlimited events. Bronze Partner Members can upgrade their package to Gold for Free. 

Live event details are presented on an engaging page with headline, top photo, formatted description, optional video, speakers, google location map, contact information and registration form that delivers registrations to the Member.

Webinar event details are presented on an engaging page with headline, top photo, formatted description, optional video and a button to register.


All products you sell are available in our Site's marketplace in the fundraising category. You may use your partner page to promote sales of these products, or sell exclusively in the marketplace and use your partner page for a different purpose. Gold members may sell as many products as they wish at the same time.


All Members may create any number of coupons through the Site’s coupon template generator software. Coupons can be downloaded to any device, and shown on a smartphone or printed and presented to the Merchant to redeem.

Coupons Are Easy to Create

Coupons are easily created using the Site’s Coupon Designer tool that allows for selection of color combinations, holiday and general images, and fields for text, coupon value, phone number, start and end date, and terms and conditions. Once saved, the coupon is stored in the system and available for distribution in each section where they may be used.

Creating Coupons to Promote Your Sponsor Deals

Sponsors will gladly pay you to promote sponsor coupons with a tag line that references a benefit for your school or organization. This allows sponsors to see a measurable return on their investment and will encourage future promotions. Adding multiple coupons from participating sponsors on your partner page can be a source of substantial revenue that is above and beyond the normal sponsor fees.

Here are More Ideas for Raising Money through Sponsor Coupons

  • Include a sponsor's coupon as a social sharing incentive for your events.
  • Include a sponsor's coupon in an email blast prepared from the Site’s email template generator.
  • Attach a sponsor's coupon to an SMS text message prepared from the Site’s SMS text messaging system.
  • Promote your partner page with sponsor coupons to your list. When you send out email promotions through your own system or ours, encourage sponsor support as a benefit for your school or nonprofit.

Remember that you can make as many coupons as you want. Be sure to only send out coupons with valid expiration dates.


Text to Win Contests that Benefit You

Your sponsors can offer a text to win contest where they encourage entries by offering an attractive prize for the winner. The contest is promoted by email and SMS and includes a link to the sponsor's deal page where their special offer can be a benefit for your organization. You can also promote the contest and your sponsor's special offer on your partner page. As more people participate in the contest, more sales are likely and that means more revenue for you.


High quality professional artwork for your partner and bio page, events and fundraising products is likely to produce a much better result. While words in your promotion are important, motivation to take action comes largely through emotions created by compelling images. A combination of great offers with the right graphics can make a huge difference in fundraising conversions and sharing in social media.

Your artwork should be professional and related to your promotional and/or sales goals. Artwork can include an image owned by your organization, royalty-free artwork available from our extensive artwork gallery or artwork from a professional photo shoot (see Add-On Services).

Artwork required for the top of your page should be available for your use prior to creating your initial partner page. Changing your initial partner page image is optional. Images should be good quality and not exceed 300 KB in size. Images that you upload should be 600 px wide x 300 px tall. Allowed file types include jpg, png and gif. Edit your artwork for free at


As a member of CDN, you have two main choices for adding artwork to your partner, bio, events and fundraising products. You may upload your own images or take advantage of an extensive library of royalty-free artwork that will assist you in creating compelling and professional content.

Images purchased from the gallery:

  • Browse gallery by categories and subcategories.
  • Purchase any number of images for $5 each. These remain in your account for your use within CDN as long as you remain an active member.
  • From "My Artwork" link, you will see all images that you purchased and uploaded. Copy and paste the image code you wish to use in fields where an image is required. That image will display when the content is previewed and published.

Images that you upload:

  • These are uploaded by you to the gallery and are accessed through your personal gallery account along with royalty-free images that you have purchased.
  • No other users will have access to or be able to view images within your account.
  • Images must be 600 px wide x 300 px high and should not exceed 300 KB.
  • You must check a box to certify that you have the legal rights to use uploaded images for the promotion of your business through the project.
  • Once uploaded, copy and paste the image code into any field where an image is required.


Use your bio page to generate interest in your organization and programs that can substantially increase your fundraising revenues. Create your bio page after your partner page is created and published.

Include powerful content in your bio page that you can easily manage through your admin area. Your bio page profile can include a video or top image, formatted description, contact information, social media and website links. The logo you upload will appear on your Sponsors' deal pages and will link back to your partner page.

You also have a choice of forms you may include on your bio page. You may include a contact form, appointment request or a form that will build an email list using your own MailChimp account.

Visitors will have easy movement between your partner and bio page. A Read More button will appear after contact information on your partner page after your bio is published. From your bio page, there is a link back to your partner page.


CityDealsNetwork provides multiple opportunities for you to receive powerful exposure and promotion of your content.

CDN is not your typical advertising platform. It is not about adding content once and forgetting about it. CDN provides you with a powerful framework for making connections and converting traffic into customers who attend your events, buy your fundraising products and share your information. We provide you with the tools and strategies but getting real results will take some consistent effort on your part. It is up to you to take advantage of all that CDN has to offer.

The more content you add to CDN through your partner and bio page, events and marketplace category (based on your package), the more promotion you can expect. New and enticing information will attract more of your market on a regular basis. Using promotional tools and strategies we provide and adding your QR code to your own business cards and flyers, will drive more traffic to your partner page and the site as a whole. The site is designed with powerful viral tools that make it easy for visitors to share any category, page, or item of content to their social networks.

Ongoing Promotion of Your Content

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Email, SEO, SMS Promotion

Sitewide and Partner Page QR Code

QR Code Promoted Online and by Print Links to Home Page

Order CDN Promotional Flyers, Business Cards and Magnets

Cards, flyers and magnets can be purchased at our cost plus shipping. Your flyers and cards can be ordered with your QR Code to send traffic directly to your partner page. CLICK HERE to send an email to request current prices and place your order. Members have the option to download and print flyers. Flyers downloaded from our site have the QR code that links to the home page of the site.

Promotional Flyer Flyer

Promotional Flyer Business Card

Flyers for Promoting CDN, Your Sponsors and Your Fundraising Promotions

Promotional Flyer Business Card

Promotional Flyer Business Card

Promotional Flyer Partner Program Nonprofit Flyer

Promotional Flyer Business Card


Why use a coupon in your deal page? People love getting a deal and that is what coupons convey. Whether for desktop or mobile customers, coupons with a great offer and expiration date can motivate your visitors to take immediate action.

We make it really easy for you to create powerful and professional coupons that look great on every device. This is included with every level of membership. Even if you include an appointment request form on your deal page, you will have options to give your visitor a coupon for your special deal.

Coupon Art that you can Choose for Making Your Coupons from Templates in a Variety of Colors.

Coupon Art
Coupons and Other SMS Options +

When your deal page URL is sent by SMS text messaging, you can expect a 98% open rate. When visitors are presented with offers of interest with a high value, they are much more likely to redeem and share that deal.

Many uses of coupons include:

  • Attract new customers.
  • Reward existing customers and encourage repeat business.
  • Solicit positive ratings and reviews.
  • Reward and encourage sharing in social media.

More About SMS Coupons:

  • Ideal for targeting mobile users.
  • Your coupons (included on your deal page) can be promoted to CDN SMS opt-in list for your category.
  • There is no extra charge for the promotion of all deals in your category. (The text message produces a link to see all SMS deals in that category)
  • You may purchase bulk quantities of SMS and promote your deal to one or more interest groups within CDN.
Creating Coupons +

To add a coupon to your deal page,

Coupon Templates
Sample Pizza Coupon


Your Online Events in Our Software Include Registration, Live and Replay Settings All From the Same Permanent URL

Events by Member Type +

All three membership levels can benefit from events on CDN. Here are the basic differences:

  • BRONZE: Limited to two events per calendar year (one per 6 months). Does not include Google Hangout free interview or live streaming events. Supports pre-recorded events (additional fees for each new set up apply).
  • SILVER: Limited to four events per calendar year (one per 3 months). Includes one Free Google Hangout Interview, pre-recorded and streaming events (additional fees for each new set up apply).
  • GOLD: Unlimited events per calendar year. Includes one Free Google Hangout Interview, pre-recorded and streaming events (additional fees for each new set up apply).
Promotion of Live Events +

Free events that establish your credibility, build your brand and solve problems for your market can be one of your best strategies for new customer acquisition. We promote your SW Florida live events through our calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and email marketing.

Events for the Financial Industry

Financial Planning Opt-InIf you provide financial planning, asset protection, insurance and/or investment services, consider arranging a free Joint Venture event with CDN members who do not compete with you but provide financial services you don't offer. In this LEAD WHEEL concept, we can promote your event to our Financial Planning Opt-In Lists. Contact us to find out more about our Lead Wheel, List and Live Event Promotion Services.

Events for Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investing Opt-InWhat would it mean to your business if you had access to a hot market of real estate investors and you could package services that would provide everything an investor would need for success: experienced realtor, lender, attorney, tax professional, building inspector, contractors, etc? Partner with allied professionals in this Real Estate Investment LEAD WHEEL concept and expect extraordinary results. We can promote your event to our Real Estate Investment Opt-In Lists. Contact us to find out more about our Lead Wheel, List and Live Event Promotion Services.

Google Hangouts +

One free Google Hangout live streaming interview event is included in the member package for Silver and Gold levels. Hangouts are a great way to promote your brand and attract many more leads and customers. We make it easy for you through a variety of options using Google hangouts and our sophisticated webinar technology. Our experts take full responsibility for the set up and administration of your events with only a few simple requirements from you. Live streaming events that we manage, host and promote, are automatically converted to YouTube video. Optimized with keywords, your video events can be found through search marketing and often appear in higher ranking search positions.

  • Your Hangout may be live or a pre-recorded Hangout.
  • We showcase your event through our custom software that adds to the professional presentation prior to, during and after your event.
  • For each of your events, there is a unique URL that remains available and displays the current status of your event (pre-event, live, replay)
  • Prior to your event, visitors can register and get reminders as well as add your event to their preferred calendar (iCal, Google, Outlook).
  • During your live Hangout, you have the option to allow visitors to participate through chatting.
  • You also have options to include a buy button in the live and replay modes that can link to your deal page.
  • Your YouTube Google Hangouts are automatically added to CDN YouTube channel. You can also make your Google Hangouts available on your website and your own YouTube channel.
  • When your event is pre-recorded, it is scheduled in the calendar for a specific date and time and displays as every other pre-recorded event based on status (pre-registration prior to event also called Countdown, and replay at time of event).
  • Each event can integrate your bulk email Mailchimp API and list.
  • The same event can be scheduled in the calendar and promoted any number of times (frequency based on your membership).

Hangout Options:

  1. Google Hangout interview (2-3 minutes). This requires completion of Google Hangout Interview Form. Your 2-3 minute professional interview will focus on your company’s mission, goals, products and services and unique selling position. Interview questions will be prepared based on your business goals and input. Your interview can be live or pre-recorded.
  2. Hangout Presentation (2-3 minutes). This can be live or pre-recorded and is up to you to prepare. It can include a live webcam presentation with optional screen sharing, PowerPoint video, or recorded webinar. Presentation preparation is available for an additional fee.
  3. Additional Google Hangout live streaming and pre-recorded events (up to 10 minutes in length) can be purchased through Member Add-Ons.

Google Hangout Preparation

  • You will need a webcam with video and microphone, a web browser and the ability to get online (preferably from a desktop computer and high speed internet connection).
  • You must be logged into your Google account.
  • Your interview will be automatically recorded as a YouTube video and will be available in CDN YouTube Channel and social media sites.
  • It is suggested that you dress professionally and that your interview is conducted in a quiet and uncluttered environment where there are no distractions.
  • You will have options to include a custom intro and outro for your video for making it more engaging and professional (extra fees apply).
  • You may upload your video to your bio page on CDN (Gold Members).
  • We will provide you with an MP4 video file that you may upload to your own company YouTube channel and promote as you wish.
  • We will make every effort to accommodate your date and time preferences but cannot make any guarantees. Once you submit your request, we will contact you to confirm a date and time.
  • Please be online and ready to receive instructions 30 minutes prior to your scheduled interview session.
Webinar & Recorded Events +

Your Google Hangout and other online events recorded as YouTube video can be promoted using our powerful software that:

  • Builds registration lists prior to your event.
  • Send automatic reminders to registrants.
  • Displays your event from a permanent URL where your event displays in every status (countdown, live, replay).
  • Gives you options to schedule and show your recorded events (replay setting) on a recurring basis with registration and event reminder functionality.
  • Provides options to include a free gift to encourage sharing in Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.
  • Gives you options to add registrants to your own business email list that allows you to send your own follow-up email reminders and other information.
Integrating Your Email List +

Our webinar and Google Hangout software automatically builds lists of registrants for each event. We are however not able to provide that information to you because of strict bulk email laws. We can send email in your behalf (extra fees apply) and our software will automatically send reminder messages to all registrants of a specific event.

Integrating Your Business Email List(s)

Another option is for us to integrate your own business email account with your events. This builds your own email list that gives you the right to send email from your own email system. We provide integration from Mailchimp only at this time.

You will need to provide fields of information that are available in the admin section of your Mailchimp account. If you want to build a specific list for each of your events, you will need to create lists in your account that are associated with those events. If you only have one list, then the system will add all registrants to that list. The following information will need to be included:

Mailchimp Fields

  • Autoresponder API Key
  • Autoresponder List ID
Calendar Promotion +

Whether your events are live. Google Hangout, webinar or other pre-recorded presentations, our calendar and promotions can help you to attract your ideal market who will register, attend and share your information.

We promote your events through our calendar which is available on every page of our website. When your events are live, visitors are sent to a detail page where they can view all details and register. When your events are Google Hangouts or video presentations, we host them on our CDN event site where they display from the same URL for every status. This includes countdown where registration occurs, live (if appropriate), and replay. Recorded events can be scheduled and promoted again and again (unlimited with Gold Member Package).

Custom Video Presentation +

Professional video always begin with a script and storyboard.

People respond best to video that is entertaining. This also applies to video for promotion, branding, information, demonstration and training purposes. Video production through a carefully crafted storyboard is the best way to assure that the message is professional, powerful and holds the attention of the viewer. Video for educational purposes can be long or short. Branding and promotional video should be less than 1-2 minutes whenever possible. Professional scripting eliminates wordiness and distracting ums and ahs. It assures delivery of a concise, logical and organized presentation that is persuasive and consistent with the video’s purpose.

An effective promotional video has a message that includes these elements:

  • Interrupts the right target market and gets their attention (the hook).
  • Quickly defines a significant problem or need for your market.
  • Presents challenges with existing solutions.
  • Introduces your company as the one with the best solution (USP).
  • Establishes credibility and trust.
  • Presents a no risk offer (free consultation, free trial period, money back guarantee, etc.)
  • Concludes with a powerful call to action.

Video may contain a variety of engaging elements depending upon its purpose.

Video can be produced in a variety of formats that might include clips from live recordings, recorded PowerPoint, screen recordings for demonstration, artwork, text messages, animation, sketch video or a combination. These may be produced with background music and/or professional narration voice over. Video intros for branding and outros with a call to action are essential. Animations, overlays and transitions between elements make the video more interesting to viewers.

Our Video Production Services

Our video production and editing services are customized to meet your needs. We can help with onsite video shoots when appropriate. Less expensive and highly effective strategies can be a combination of video clips recorded by you that we combine with other elements. Our scripting and consulting support helps you to produce on your own, quality video segments that save you a fortune on video production. Here is a partial list of what we do:

  • Work with you to define video conversion goals and strategy for each video.
  • With your input, script video with powerful engaging intro and call to action outro.
  • Prepare storyboard plan for video.
  • Integrate your video clips or collaborate with professional videographer for a shoot at your location.
  • Hire professional talent for video productions and voice over narrations when needed.
  • Sequence video clips with voice over, artwork and text overlays, adding animations and transitions between elements.
  • Integrate professional voice over and background music when appropriate.
  • Produce high quality animated video, sketch video or combination.
  • Produce PowerPoint presentations that can be narrated by you or a professional.
  • Produce screen capture tutorials that can be narrated by you or by a professional.

Send an email to request a quote.

Custom Video Artwork +

Strengthen your brand even more with high quality professional video artwork for your intro and Call to Action Outro. This is artwork you can use over and over for any or all of your videos. It is prepared for HD YouTube video settings. Send an email to request a quote.


Give visitors to your deal page access to powerful information about your company that establishes your credibility, differentiates you from your competition and makes conversions to leads and customers much more likely.

Your bio page, fully managed by you, includes your logo, video or image, headline, description, testimonials, head shot, all contact info and a link back to your deal page. Visitors can use our easily sharing tool to post your powerful information to their social media sites.

View Sample Bio Page

Sample Bio Page

Bio Page Example
Managing Testimonials +

Once you've created your bio page through your member admin area, you will have options to add or remove testimonials that display on your bio page for visitors. This gives you an opportunity to add the best ratings and reviews you have received from your customers. If you want to remove a testimonial, simply click on the trash can icon next to the testimonial you wish to delete. Although you can add as many testimonials as you like, keep in mind that excessive testimonial content can leave your page looking unbalanced. Always check the front end (what visitors see) to determine the right balance of content for your page.

Managing Your Bio Page

Manage Bio Page in Admin

Managing Your Testimonials

Manage Testimonials on Bio Page

Managing Bio Page

Manage Bio Page

Managing Testimonials on Bio Page

Manage Testimonials on Bio Page


Get more exposure for your business through your Featured Member listing from the main menu. Visitors will find you by main category/subcategory with your headshot photo, full contact information, website and links to your deal and bio page.

Featured Member

You also get featured on our home page slider with your photo, contact info and a link to your deal page.

Featured Member Home Page

Featured Member on Home Page
Manage Featured Member +

To manage your featured member content, click the link to edit FEATURED MEMBER from your main admin page. The Featured Member second gives you another opportunity for powerful exposure from the main menu and the home page.


Contributing blog content (available only for Gold Members) is a powerful way to increase exposure, strengthen your company brand and produce more sales. Well written content that is relevant, informative and optimized with appropriate keywords can rank well in search results and drive traffic directly to your post. Blog content provides an opportunity to establish yourself as a trusted expert – a strategy that will strengthen your brand and produce higher lead and customer conversions. Your post content is promoted through CDN social media sites.

Blog Submission Requirements +

Blog post content that you add can be produced by a leader or employee within your company, or by a contributing author who has give you written permission. The post entry should be entered through our admin area ONLY by an authorized member of your company.

Author Bio +

Add a short bio to the end of your post. Include your name, title, company name and any pertinent credentials that support your expertise in this area.

Adding YouTube Video +

Blog posts with relevant YouTube video can be used in a number of ways to establish your expertise, strengthen your brand and produce many more lead and customer conversions. Consider adding engaging, informative and educational video to your posts that solves a problem for your market without a hard sell approach and ends with a powerful call to action (Get Our Deal, Request An Appointment, Call us at 555-555-5555, etc). You can also use another company's YouTube video for a blog curation post in which you add your keyword optimized commentary to the introduction and concluding remarks.

Add the URL in the address bar to the YouTube video you wish to display in your post as shown below.

YouTube video URL

Post Content +

Post content can include any combination of text content, video and images. Formatting with headlines, subheadings and bullets makes your content more readable and engaging. Be sure to add relevant keywords to your post title, description and tags to support search marketing and SEO requirements.

We add your included author bio and link preference to the end of your post. You have the option to change your bio and link choice with each post to maximize the relevancy to your topic and goals.

SMS Text Messaging (Silver & Gold)

Did you know that SMS has a greater than 98% open rate? As a Silver or Gold member, you can send SMS to any of our targeted lists who have given permission and want your type of deals, events or contests by SMS. You can easily manage SMS when you are logged into your admin area. You can easily add a link to your deal page and schedule your SMS text message to go out at a date and time based on your deals and conversion goals.

More About SMS +
  • Use SMS to promote your deal page (URL never changes with deal changes)
  • Use SMS to promote your events (link to URL of event details page)
  • SMS managed by member from their private admin area.
  • Send to any opt-in list within our system.
  • Choose STANDARD message (up to 127 characters for 1 credit) or EXTENDED message (up to 277 characters for 2 credits).
  • View numbers of subscribers/list.
  • Send immediately or schedule at precise date and time.
  • SMS messages do not expire. Use whatever quantity you want.
  • Easy messaging guides you in adding your message.
  • Easily add compressed links to your message.
SMS Credits +
  • SMS Credits can be purchased in quantities of 500, 1,000 and 2,500.
  • Choose STANDARD message (up to 127 characters for 1 credit) or EXTENDED message (up to 277 characters for 2 credits).
  • SMS messages do not expire. Use whatever quantity you want.
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