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Concierge Medical Care Offers You an Unmatched Personalized Approach for Quality, Convenient, & Flexible Health Care…

Tired of waiting to get appointments and to see your doctor, only to be rushed out the door without a thorough exam, and a diagnosis and treatment plan based on limited and erroneous information? When was the last time you had a real opportunity to ask your doctor questions and discuss your concerns? Whether you’re an adult or senior in good health or with chronic problems, concierge medicine will give you access to a caring, compassionate and competent physician dedicated to thorough, personalized and state-of-the-art care. More and More adults are finding the concierge approach very effective and satisfying for restoring and maintaining good health.

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Concierge medicine may be for you if you are an adult or senior, live in SW Florida or visit often, and do not rely on health insurance or Medicare for meeting your healthcare needs. Here's what you can expect - your concierge provider will come to your home or office, talk to you by phone, perform a physical exam, send you for appropriate tests, analyze test, results, formulate an appropriate treatment plan, and oversee the management of your care during periods of wellness, illness, surgery, rehab and hospitalization. One caring and skilled physician will take time to listen and talk to you, monitor your prescription medications, consult with specialists entrusted with your care and make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Along with each deal, you will get easy access to authentic star ratings and reviews about that provider. When you sign up for Concierge Medical Alerts, you can get new deals by email (no more than once a day) and/or get SMS alerts as a text message.

Here are some of the types of services included:

  • Unlimited doctor home visits
  • Longer appointment sessions
  • Unlimited phone calls and access to the physician's mobile number
  • Physical exams during illness and for prevention
  • Referrals and consultation with specialists

  • Screening and other diagnostic tests
  • Immunizations and prescription medications
  • Expert care based on special needs of adults and seniors
  • Integrative approaches when appropriate
  • Coordination of care during illness, surgery, rehab and hospitalization

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