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More About Banner Advertising Program & Options

Why Advertise on + will attract a large volume of local leads and customers from members who promote the site to their customers and prospects. The site will also receive traffic from promotions through social media, email, SMS, blogging and advertising. As more visitors arrive and find attractive deals, events, contests and other reasons to keep coming back, advertisers will benefit from exposure in targeted categories of interest where your ads display.

How Banner Ads Work +

Banner ads can be placed in any main or subcategory deal page category within the website. This makes it easy to target your banner to a particular interest group. Long banner ads (975 x 100 px) display in the top and footer regions of all deal pages. Small banners (300 x 250 px) display in the top and bottom sidebar regions of deal pages. Static banners and simple animated banners are acceptable in file types that include jpg, gif, png and animated gif. Banner categories, sizes and positions are selected from a drop down menu when a banner order is placed. Banner choices in the drop down menu are based on inventory and the number and type of vacant spots. Banners rotate with a maximum of 3 banners in each location. Banner prices are based on location where they display and the advertising period with a minimum of 10 days. Banners automatically change when a page is reloaded for the same visitor. When your ad period is about to expire, you will be notified by email with an option to renew and keep your ad running.

Banner Ad Categories +

Your ad can be placed in any of our deal main or sub-categories. For example, your ad may appear under Home & Real Estate or only under Home Improvements. When you place your ad, select your category from a drop down menu of available advertising spots within our site. Complete a separate order for each category where you want your banner ad to display.

Banner Ad Display +

Banners in top level categories also display on all deal page details under that main category. That means that a banner in the health and beauty category for example, will also display in all beauty, dental, fitness, health and wellness and medical deal pages. Banners on subcategory pages such as beauty, will display only in beauty subcategory pages where all beauty deals are listed.

Banner Ad Design +

Professional banner ad designs are optional but highly recommended. Our designs are skillfully crafted with elements and text messaging that is likely to attract attention and produce more conversions.

High Converting Landing Pages +

Banner ads can be very effective at producing clicks but unless the visitor is finding a high converting landing page, they are likely to leave without taking action. We make it easy for local business network members to inexpensively get access to high converting landing pages and often at no extra charge. We include a bio page for free with our Gold Member package - this is a page that includes an appointment request form along with a logo, video, contact information, and compelling descriptive text and bullets that prompt action.

Banner Ad Statistics +

Banner advertising is truly one of the least costly and most effective forms of lead generation online. When you advertise on our site, prior to the end of your banner ad advertising period, you will receive a report with the number of impressions (where your ad was viewed) and the number of clicks. This makes it easy for you to calculate your return on investment.

How to Order Banner Ads +

Ordering banner ads on our site is easy. Before you order, you will need to have a banner ad created (in the correct size and file type) and uploaded to your computer. Banner types may be static or simple animations. Flash banners are not supported. Static banners can be jpg, gif or png images. Animated gif images are the only acceptable animated file type and should not include multiple frames. Up to 3 banners can display with rotation in the same category top, bottom and sidebar locations. The drop down menu will include only banner categories, sizes and locations (e.g. top, footer, sidebar top, sidebar bottom) where banner spots are available. Be sure to select the correct category or subcategory as well as size and position where you want your banner to display. The minimum purchase period is 10 days. You may complete more order forms for each additional banner you wish to advertise or for the same banner to be available in a different category.

Start your banner order by clicking the button to order banner and completing the simple form. Upon payment, your banner will become available pending our review.

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