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Introducing a Unique Partner Program for Schools and Nonprofits Designed to Build Strong Communities

A Strategic Partner Program Designed to Help Local Businesses, Schools and Nonprofits

Revenue Down

A Changing World

If you're a nonprofit or school feeling frustrated and stressed because you are not able to fund your athletic, band, club and other programs and scholarships, you're not alone. Probably you're spending a good bit of your time spinning your wheels to try to raise money and keep your programs from shutting down. The traditional fundraising you’ve done in the past just doesn’t seem to work well anymore.

Here’s why… As much as parents, students and businesses want to support schools, charitable organizations, and their local community, they are struggling financially.

Families don’t have the money to pay for student extracurricular and college expenses. Local businesses are losing market share to big corporations who are squeezing them out of their market.

As much as local businesses and families want to help, people are hard pressed to buy what isn’t absolutely necessary. The resulting reduction in support for school and nonprofit programs has a major negative impact on students, families and communities. Partner Program

Win-Win Strategies

Your success in raising funds for your programs is all about a shift in your mindset. When you embrace the importance of creating a win-win for families, local businesses and your community, you will never again have to worry about raising needed funds for your programs. In fact, we will show you how to solve your fundraising problems once and for all. Through a FREE Sponsor Partner Program, you will generate sustainable revenue easily and without any risk.

When you enter into a sponsor partnership alliance with local businesses on, here's what will happen... Your sponsors will leverage their relationship with you. This helps them to increase their brand, community exposure, market share, customers and profits – all because of their sponsorship arrangement and participation in a revolutionary website designed for their local business success.

A TRUE WIN-WIN CONCEPT DRIVEN BY LOCAL BUSINESS SUCCESS… Instead of income limited to a particular fundraising event, sponsorships based on this model are likely to drive more sponsors to you and produce sustainable revenue.

Get All of This and More for Your Partner School or Nonprofit

More About  the Partner Program

Mission & Vision +

Our mission is to provide risk-free fundraising and partner sponsor programs for schools and nonprofits that afford opportunities to derive revenue from partnerships with local businesses who become sponsors.

Our vision is to help schools and other organizations receive an ongoing stream of income from partner programs with the business community. These programs are designed to help all participants succeed in accomplishing their goals. This partner sponsor model will create a stronger and more financially secure local community that can support programs to help schools, non profits and families.

Why + is visionary and revolutionary site with tools and strategies integrated to support current trends proven to attract, engage and convert a local mobile market.

The project is developed and managed by WebPuzzleMaster LLC – a Naples web design, development, branding and marketing company in business with an outstanding reputation since 2007.

High standards for Member participation are designed to appeal to visitors, produce Site traffic and increase conversions for members. Membership requires a positive online reputation defined by Google Plus, Facebook and/or Yelp star ratings and reviews. High standards for reputation of members assures quality of the website’s brand, high volume traffic, high converting traffic, and an elevated status for all participating members.

How the Partner Program Works +

Schools and nonprofits in the SW Florida area sign up as partner members on with a complimentary bronze level membership. This includes the ability to use your presence in a variety of ways to accomplish your school or organization's goals. You might promote your events, solicit volunteers, enroll sponsors and conduct easy fundraising programs that almost run themselves. Fundraising ideas include sponsor coupons or products on your partner page where you receive a benefit from sales.

Businesses who wish to sponsor you and who are members of, can visit your page and complete an enrollment form that you receive and review. Upon your approval, the member is enrolled as your sponsor. Then a portion of their monthly membership fees is paid directly into your account. The member has access to a powerhouse of tools and strategies for increasing leads, customers, their brand and reputation.

Your presence includes a list of all sponsors, each with a link to the member’s deal page. Their page displays a unique branded symbol that identifies the member as your sponsor and links back to your page.

Complimentary Membership +

A powerful complimentary Partner Page lets you promote events and increase exposure and revenues from sponsorship, coupons, contests and the sale of fundraising products.

In addition to your ability to solicit, enroll and showcase sponsors that you approve, your free bronze level membership includes complete management of content including:

  • A Powerful Partner Page with a Unique QR Code
  • Live and Webinar Event Promotion (1 time/6 months)
  • Design and Send Coupons from Sponsors to Increase Revenue
  • Sponsor Text to Win Contests to Increase Revenue
  • Design and Send Email Blast to Opt-In Lists

FREE Member Upgrade +

Sign up for a FREE consultation with Sports Market Builders and get a FREE Member Upgrade from Bronze to Gold that includes all of the following:

  • A Powerful Partner Page with a Unique QR Code
  • Live and Webinar Event Promotion (unlimited)
  • Bio Page for Branding, List Building and Other Applications
  • Design and Send Coupons from Sponsors to Increase Revenue
  • Sell Fundraising Products in the Marketplace
  • Sponsor Text to Win Contests to Increase Revenue
  • Design and Send Email Blast to Opt-In Lists
  • Send SMS Text Messages and Coupons to Opt-In Lists
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Enrolling Sponsors +

Participating Schools and Nonprofits in the Partner Program will derive a great benefit from their own promotional efforts to encourage the business community to become members of the Site. Promote to your own lists and use the tools and strategies on the Site to solicit and enroll sponsors.

Your Partner Page, used for a variety of purposes, will include prominent buttons to view sponsors and become a sponsor. Sponsors are members who have enrolled and been approved by you. The enrollment button will produce a form that prospective sponsors complete. Sponsorship is contingent on your approval and that the sponsor is an active member of the Site. Once these conditions are met, you automatically receive in your account a portion of the member’s monthly membership fees.

Tracking Your Revenue +

 When you are logged in, you will be able to view and manage all of your partner sponsor account activity: sponsors, date of enrollment, payments by date and sponsor, and pending applications.

Getting Paid +

A portion of funds from sponsor member monthly fees are automatically deposited into your account on the Site. You can withdraw available funds from your account anytime you choose. Funds are deposited directly into your PayPal account where they can easily be transferred to your bank account or other designation.

Partner Benefits +

Instead of limiting sponsorship to a particular event, partner sponsorship provides an ongoing, growing and sustainable stream of income for partners.

Sponsor Benefits +

Sponsorship provides many benefits for local business members. Through the tools and strategies on, sponsors leverage their relationship with you. This helps them to increase their brand, community exposure, market share, customers and profits. The net result is a business owner who derives a great benefit from sponsorship and is likely to continue as a member and refer others as sponsors. This creates a sustainable stream of income in your account.

Community Benefits +

Probably the greatest benefit and reward for the Partner Program is that it creates a win-win for partners, sponsors and the community. Sponsors benefit from increased revenues and profits. Partners benefit from sustained income through sponsorship member fees.

The net effect is a growing source of funds for athletic, band, scholarships, and other outreach programs that help struggling families. This produces a stronger, more financially secure community that can afford to support programs desperately needed by schools, non profits and families.

The Perfect Partner Sponsorship Website: A Revolutionary Site Whose Time Has Come Helps Local Businesses through a High-Tech Mobile Friendly Site with strategies designed to substantially:

Overcoming the 5 Biggest Reasons for Local Business Failure

  1. Poor Quality or Absent Online Presence

  2. Lack of Powerful Content from Website, Blog, Video, and Social Media

  3. Limited Access to a Dominant Mobile Market

  4. Failure to Use Networking to Share and Mutually Benefit From Quality Leads

  5. No System of Follow Up via Email and SMS Text Marketing

8 Easy Powerful High-Tech Local Business Building Tools

Manage Your Powerful Deal Page on
Design and Send Coupons on
Sell Products in Marketplace
Sponsor Text to Win Contests on
Promote Live and Webinar Events on
Send SMS Text and Coupons on
Powerful Bio Page on Brands You
Design and Send Email Blasts on

More Powerful Strategies for Local Business Lead Generation & Sales

Easy System Lets Members Send Out Promotions - Deals, Events, Contests & Coupons by Text Messaging to Targeted Opt-In SMS Lists

sms text marketing

Powerful Social Media Sharing Tools

Social Media Sharing Tools

Click to Call on MobileResponsive Web Design Assures a Mobile Friendly View of All Content in All Devices from Desktops to Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones.



If You're a School or Nonprofit in the SW Florida Area, Join Our Partner Program for FREE

In addition to your ability to solicit, enroll and showcase sponsors that you approve, your FREE Membership gives you complete management of your content including:

  • POWERFUL FUNDRAISING PARTNER PAGE with flexible options. You can enroll sponsors, promote events, sell fundraising products, recruit volunteers and use creative strategies to multiply revenues.
  • SELL IN THE MARKETPLACE and make money from the sale of fundraising products.
  • MAKE RESIDUAL INCOME from recurring Sponsor Member fees.
  • PROMOTE LIVE & WEBINAR EVENTS with registration and list building. Your enhanced exposure will boost revenue from events.
  • COUPONS that can be used for multiple purposes.
  • TEXT TO WIN CONTEST participation as a fundraising strategy.
  • POWERFUL BIO PAGE for increasing your visibility that drives more people to your promotions
  • UNIQUE QR CODE for sending people directly to your partner page.
  • EMAIL BLASTS to targeted opt-in lists to get your message to more people.
  • SMS TEXT MESSAGES sent to targeted opt-in lists to get more advertisers.

Become a Partner for FREE and Start Earning Residual Income from Sponsors You Approve


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