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What if there was a High-Tech Mobile Friendly Site that could substantially:

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Do You Know the 5 Biggest Reasons for Local Business Failure?

  1. Poor Quality or Absent Online Presence

  2. Lack of Powerful Content from Website, Blog, Video, and Social Media

  3. Limited Access to a Dominant Mobile Market

  4. Failure to Use Networking to Share and Mutually Benefit From Quality Leads

  5. No System of Follow Up via Email and SMS Text Marketing

We Overcome All of These Problems and More Through Powerful Membership and Advertising Opportunities

Your Solution is an Affordable Membership on

Revolutionary Tools and Strategies are designed for your Sustainable Business Growth by boosting Leads, Sales and ROI. Here's how it works...

8 Powerful Ways to Generate Leads & Customers from Your Business Membership on

Manage Your Powerful Deal Page on
Design and Send Coupons on
Sell Products in Marketplace
Sponsor Text to Win Contests on
Promote Live and Webinar Events on
Send SMS Text and Coupons on
Powerful Bio Page on Brands You
Design and Send Email Blasts on

Powerful Strategies for Massive Traffic that Produce Leads, Customers & Profits

Easy System Lets You Send Your Deals, Events, Contests by Text Messaging to Targeted Opt-In SMS Lists

sms text marketing

Powerful Social Media Sharing Tools

Social Media Sharing Tools

Click to Call on MobileResponsive Web Design Assures a Mobile Friendly View of All Content in All Devices from Desktops to Laptops, Tablets and Mobile Phones.

More About Membership

CityDealsNetwork Overview + is an innovative high tech and mobile friendly deal and event site for Southwest Florida designed to generate leads and customers, enhance branding and reputation, and substantially increase market share for local businesses and organizations that become members of the site. Through advanced technology, tools and strategies, participating members can effectively reach and convert a rapidly growing volume of local leads at an affordable cost. Along with ongoing marketing and advertising by (CDN), powerful applications allow members to manage their own deals, products for sale, events, and coupons and promote them through easy systems that integrate with the site's targeted email and SMS opt-in lists.

Three affordable levels of membership give members a powerful mobile friendly online presence consisting of:

  • A highly flexible deal page for lead and customer acquisition.
  • A powerful marketplace for selling unlimited products.
  • Promotion of live and webinar events with registration, list building and autoresponder functionality.
  • Featured member page for added exposure.
  • Featured deals in a slider on the home page and on multiple opt-in thank you pages.
  • Powerful bio pages with logo, formatted content, contact info, testimonials, video, and multiple options for lead generation.
  • A YouTube recorded Google Hangout interview.
  • Easy coupon designer and distribution through event sharing, deal pages, email blasts and SMS text marketing.
  • Easy email template for sending ads or coupons to targeted email opt-in lists.
  • SMS text messaging to targeted lists for promoting deals, events, contests and for distributing coupons.

Members have opportunities to generate leads by promoting their own deals and events, sponsoring site wide text to win contests, and by participating in targeted banner advertising. Members receive exposure through ongoing promotion through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube marketing and advertising.

The project's high standards for membership, affordable pricing, community sponsor partnership program, and integration of innovative mobile marketing tools and strategies are designed to provide a great value for members and a substantial return on their investment. Membership requires a positive online reputation defined by Google Plus, Facebook and/or Yelp star ratings and reviews. High standards for reputation of members assures quality of the website's brand, increases traffic and conversions, and elevates the status of all participating members.

Opportunities for Exposure +

Multiple opportunities for exposure, lead generation and customer conversions include: a powerful deal page, marketplace, featured member status, featured deals on multiple opt-in list pages, a company bio page, SMS text messaging, live and webinar event promotion with registration and list building, contributing blog content, targeted banner advertising and contest sponsorship. We also offer options promote your information to any of our targeted opt-in email and SMS text messaging lists.

Gold and Silver Members are provided with a Free Google Hangout interview recorded as a YouTube video. The video is posted within the site’s YouTube channel and offers multiple options for promotion through the project as well as by the member.

Posting new deals, events and blog content is rewarded through promotion to CityDealsNetwork social media sites and through our blog and email blasts.

Strengthening Your Brand +

If you're invited to become a member of (CDN), it is because you have already established yourself as a quality business with excellent ratings and reviews online. Including only members with an outstanding reputation will strengthen the brand of CDN and add significant value of your membership in CDN over time.

Site participation provides you with many ways to strengthen your company's brand. Your membership includes easy tools and strategies for creating powerful content that establishes your credibility, creates trust, and demonstrates your expertise as it puts you in front of your largest and hottest market of local customers.

Gold Members may participate in our Sponsor Partner Program at no additional cost. Through this program, a portion of your monthly member fees are paid to a participating school or nonprofit organization you sponsor. Leveraging your sponsorship can add to your brand and market share as you benefit your community.

Enhance your brand more with ratings and reviews in social media, a bio page with video and testimonials, and powerful promotion of live and webinar events that display in our calendar and include registration, list building, reposting options and promotion with every scheduled event (new and reposted).

When you include links to your Google Plus Local, Facebook, and Yelp pages through your deal page admin area, visitors will be able to easily see your star ratings and positive comments. This alone is proven to produce more lead conversions and strengthen your online reputation. The same links to view your reviews will permit customers to post their ratings and comments.

Capturing High Quality Leads +

Members and participating organizations send their customers and membership to Leads that come from these types of quality referring sources are called Buyer's Leads. They are the highest quality of leads as they represent people who have a trusted relationship with a business or organization. When a member business promotes the site to their customers and prospects, it implies an endorsement and a validation of trust for other members on the site. That is why an outstanding reputation is a requirement for all members.

As each member and organization promotes the site to their own customers, prospects and membership on an ongoing basis, this generates a rapidly growing pool of quality buyer's leads who are much more likely to redeem and share deals and add positive ratings and reviews for the deals they experience. All of this contributes to a strong website brand for quality and integrity and adds value for the participating members.

We know that businesses are busy. We provide fast, easy and effective ways for members to promote the site without disrupting their normal operations. And as the leads start coming, businesses begin to see the tremendous value of their investment and promotional efforts.

Artwork for Increasing Conversions +

High quality professional artwork for your deal page, bio page and events is likely to produce a much better result. While words in your offer are important, motivation to take action comes largely through emotions created by compelling images. A combination of great offers with the right graphics can make a huge difference in lead conversions and viral sharing.

Your artwork should be professional and related to your products and services. It may show a welcoming office staff, a professional consultation, etc. but in most cases, will not contain your specific deal. Artwork can include an image owned by your company, royalty-free artwork available from our extensive artwork gallery or artwork from a professional photo shoot that we can help you with.

Powerful Deal Pages +

Your deal page provides you with powerful elements that you can choose to display. All of these options are available:

  • Sell One or More Deals
  • Include an Appointment Request Form
  • Promote Live or Webinar Events
  • Create and Offer Coupons
  • Sponsor a Text to Win Contest
  • Include a Google Map to your Location
  • Include Additional Location Addresses and Phone Numbers

Your deal page also displays:

  • A photo of your choice with a superimposed deal expiration countdown timer.
  • Your Social Media Ratings and Reviews from Facebook, Google + and Yelp.
  • Your Unique QR Code that when Scanned, Sends Visitors to your Deal Page.
  • Full Contact Info with Website and Email.
  • A Button that Links to Your Bio Page on the Site.
  • Additional Location Information.

As a member, you'll have complete control over the optional elements to include on your deal page. All of these elements are designed to enhance your lead and customer conversions based on your type of business and marketing goals.

Besides listing your deals in targeted categories and subcategories, deals are searchable onsite by keywords that you can include in your deal page. Keyword optimized deal pages may also come up in organic search results. And deals are easy to share in popular social media networking sites.

Deal Page URL and QR Code +

Although you may change your deals whenever you choose, your deal page URL (permalink) will remain the same. Including your QR code on your business cards, stationery and advertising is a smart strategy for driving more traffic to your deal page.

When you are logged in, your member profile will allow you to access and manage all of your content on the site as well as promotions you send through email and SMS text marketing. Two QR Code images will also be available within your profile. Using the image labeled CDN QR Code will send traffic to the home page of the site. The image labeled Your Deal Page QR Code will send traffic to your own deal page. Whatever your current deal is, it will display from your permalink and deal page QR Code. This means you will never have to change your QR code when printing it on business cards, magnets and all forms of advertising.

To save QR Code, Right click on the image and select save image as(for PC), (save images to Mac). It is strongly recommended that you test the image on your phone or tablet to make sure that it produces the correct URL. If you feel there is an error, please click on SUPPORT from your admin area and we will troubleshoot the issue.

Selling Products and Services +

As a Gold Member, you can significantly increase your revenues with options to sell your products or services. These product deals may be available from your deal page and within our general marketplace by category. You have options to sell unlimited products in the marketplace and use your deal page for an entirely different purpose. When selling products, you pay only when a product is sold. Merchants are paid a total of 90% of their product purchase price plus shipping and 100% of sales tax collected less PayPal fees. 

Powerful Bio Page for Branding and Leads +

A bio page gives visitors access to powerful information about your company that establishes your credibility, differentiates you from your competition and makes conversions to leads and customers much more likely.

Your bio page, fully managed by you, includes your logo, video or image, headline, description, testimonials, head shot, contact info and a link back to your deal page. You have options to add an appointment request or contact form, or a form for building your own opt-in email list. Visitors can use our easy sharing tool to post your powerful information to their social media sites.

Once you've created your bio page through your member admin area, you will have options to add or remove testimonials that display on your bio page for visitors. This gives you an opportunity to add the best ratings and reviews you have received from your customers.

Sponsor Partner Opportunities +

Members have an opportunity to sponsor a participating school or nonprofit organization at no extra cost. They must apply on the partner member's page. Upon acceptance, a "Proud Sponsor" linked symbol with the partner's logo will display on the member's deal page. The partner's page will include a list of all sponsors and a link to each sponsor's deal page. A percentage of the member's monthly fees will automatically be deposited into the partner's account. Partners are encouraged to promote sponsor support to their membership.

Real Estate and Financial Events +

If your industry is real estate or financial services, you can access a hot market of people specifically looking for free informational seminars. Organize free events and send your promotions to our real estate investing or financial planning email lists. Giving these types of events will strengthen your brand and credibility as you become known as an expert and solve problems for your market. Free events can be one of your best strategies for new customer acquisition. We help to promote your SW Florida live events through our calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and email marketing.

Events for the Financial Industry

Financial Planning Opt-InIf you provide financial planning, asset protection, insurance and/or investment services, consider arranging a free Joint Venture event with CDN members who do not compete with you but provide financial services you don't offer. As a CDN member, you can send your own promotional email and SMS and build lists of registered prospects that you can use independently of our site.

Events for Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investing Opt-InWhat would it mean to your business if you had access to a hot market of real estate investors and you could package services that would provide everything an investor would need for success: experienced realtor, lender, attorney, tax professional, building inspector, contractors, etc? Expect extraordinary results when you partner with allied professionals in this Real Estate Investment concept and promote your event to our Real Estate Investment Opt-In List.

Google Hangouts +

Your Google Hangout Live Streaming Events become YouTube video that can be posted as recurring webinars. One free Google Hangout live streaming interview event is included for free with Silver and Gold memberships.

Hangouts and other webinars are a great way to promote your brand and attract many more leads and customers. We make it easy for you to get powerful exposure through our sophisticated webinar technology. Our experts take full responsibility for the set up and administration of your events with only a few simple requirements from you. Live streaming events that we manage, host and promote, are automatically converted to YouTube video. Optimized with keywords, your video events can be found through search marketing and often appear in higher ranking search positions.

  • Your Hangout may be live or a pre-recorded Hangout.
  • We showcase your webinar event through our custom software that adds to the professional presentation prior to, during and after your event.
  • For each of your events, there is a unique URL that remains available and displays the current status of your event (pre-event, live, replay)
  • Prior to your event, visitors can register and get reminders as well as add your event to their preferred calendar (iCal, Google, Outlook).
  • You have options during registration and replay to include a description with links.
  • At the time of registration, you have options to provide a free gift as an incentive for sharing your event in Twitter, Facebook or Google.
  • Your YouTube Google Hangouts are automatically added to the Site's YouTube channel. You can also make your Google Hangouts available on your website and your own YouTube channel.
  • All your live and webinar events will display in the calendar on all pages of the site. Your recorded webinar events can be scheduled and replayed any number of times (frequency based on your membership). You receive a list of all registered users for each new and rescheduled event.
  • Each event can integrate your bulk email Mailchimp account and build your own bulk email opt-in list.

Hangout Options:

  1. Google Hangout interview (2-3 minutes). This requires completion of Google Hangout Interview Form. Your 2-3 minute professional interview will focus on your company’s mission, goals, products and services and unique selling position. Interview questions will be prepared based on your business goals and input. Your interview can be live or pre-recorded.
  2. Hangout Presentation (2-3 minutes). This can be live or pre-recorded and is up to you to prepare. It can include a live webcam presentation with optional screen sharing, PowerPoint video, or recorded webinar. Presentation preparation is available for an additional fee.
  3. Additional Google Hangout live streaming and pre-recorded events (up to 10 minutes in length) can be purchased through Member Add-Ons.

Google Hangout Preparation

  • You will need a webcam with video and microphone, a web browser and the ability to get online (preferably from a desktop computer and high speed internet connection).
  • You must be logged into your Google account.
  • Your interview will be automatically recorded as a YouTube video and will be available in CDN YouTube Channel and social media sites.
  • It is suggested that you dress professionally and that your interview is conducted in a quiet and uncluttered environment where there are no distractions.
  • You will have options to include a custom intro and outro for your video for making it more engaging and professional (extra fees apply).
  • You may upload your video to your bio page on CDN (Gold Members).
  • We will provide you with an MP4 video file that you may upload to your own company YouTube channel and promote as you wish.
  • We will make every effort to accommodate your date and time preferences but cannot make any guarantees. Once you submit your request, we will contact you to confirm a date and time.
  • Please be online and ready to receive instructions 30 minutes prior to your scheduled interview session.
Webinar & Recorded Events +

Your Google Hangout and other online events recorded as YouTube video can be promoted using our powerful software that:

  • Builds registration lists prior to your event.
  • Sends automatic reminders to registrants.
  • Displays your event from a permanent URL where your event displays in every status (countdown, live, replay).
  • Gives you options to schedule and show your recorded events (replay setting) on a recurring basis with registration and event reminder functionality.
  • Provides options to include a free gift to encourage sharing in Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn.
  • Gives you options to add registrants to your own business email list that allows you to send your own follow-up email reminders and other information.
Promotion by Members +

All members contribute to the website's lead pool by promoting the site to their own customers and prospects in fast, easy and highly effective ways. As a member, you will be provided with flyers and cards in a stand that can be positioned in a high visibility location at your place of business. Flyers and cards can also be included with customer invoices and distributed by sales and support staff out in the field. Additionally, we will provide you with quick and easy strategies for promoting through onsite and offsite methods. This maximizes exposure for all members.

Site-wide Strategic Promotions +

You can expect your deals, events, contests and posts to be promoted on our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages as well as through YouTube and email marketing. Text to win contests that you sponsor will be heavily promoted. This puts your deal and information in front of everyone entering the contest. Our site wide advertising and marketing efforts will drive traffic, increase branding, and promote opt-in email and SMS list building in every deal category.

As a member, you can also promote your deals and events to any of our email and SMS opt-in lists. These are hot prospects for your type of business in Southwest Florida.

Event Promotions +

Whether your events are live, Google Hangout, webinar or other pre-recorded presentations, our calendar and event section can help you to attract your ideal market who will register, attend and share your information. All events are managed by the member and include options for editing, rescheduling, cloning and deletion. Each event includes a registration form, links to add to calendar, and advanced reminder autoresponder functionality. Members may attach a coupon that they create within the system. This provides an incentive for sharing in the Site's Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus pages.

How the Calendar Works:

Your live and webinar events display in our events section and on the calendar that is available on every page of this Site. A flag will display on the calendar on each day where events are scheduled. On mouse over (desktop) or on click (mobile), the flag will produce a popover with the first three events for that date and a link to more. Clicking on more will take the visitor to the main event page where all events are listed.

Main Event Section:

The link to events in the main top menu produces an index page where all events display with the most current on top. The visitor can filter events by live and webinar. After choosing an event type, they receive options for additional filters to find business, consumer, school and nonprofit event types.

Live Events

When your events are live, visitors are sent to a detail page within the main event section. This page displays a title, all details, presenters' name and title, optional video, venue information including a Google map, sharing incentive coupon info (if included), and registration form.

Webinar Events

When your events are Google Hangouts or video presentations, we host them on our event site where they display from the same URL for every status. This includes countdown where registration occurs, live (if appropriate), and replay. Recorded events can be scheduled and promoted again and again (unlimited with Gold Member Package).

Targeted Opt-In Lists +

We build targeted opt-in email and SMS text marketing lists that can help our members in many ways. In all main categories and many subcategories, targeted landing pages entice visitors to opt-in to specific lists to get deals by email. Once the conversion occurs, the visitor is presented with a thank you page where they are prompted to opt-in to get targeted deals and related information by SMS.

We use these lists to send category specific deals, events and contest information. Members can rent the use of our targeted email lists to promote their exclusive deals, events and contests. Silver and Gold members can access our SMS lists and send strategic text messages at a date and time of their choice. These can significantly boost a member's lead and customer conversions, event registrations and contest entries.

SMS Text Messaging Integration +

Did you know that SMS has a greater than 98% open rate? As a Silver or Gold member, you can send SMS to any of our targeted lists. These are local people who have requested deal and event information in specific categories by SMS. This means getting your information in front of a very hot and receptive market.

You can easily manage SMS blasts when you are logged into your mobile friendly admin area. Our system lets you create your message and add a link to your deal page or coupon. Then schedule your SMS text message to go out at a date and time based on your deal and conversion goals.

Blog Content +

Contributing blog content (available only for Gold Members) is a powerful way to increase exposure, strengthen your company brand and produce more sales. Well written content that is relevant, informative and optimized with appropriate keywords can rank well in search results and drive traffic directly to your post. Blog content provides an opportunity to establish yourself as a trusted expert – a strategy that will strengthen your brand and produce higher lead and customer conversions. Your post content is promoted through social media sites.

Banner Advertising on

Get More Leads and Customers from Affordable Banner Ads Targeted for Traffic and Sales Conversions

Members and non-member advertisers (who provide services to the SW Florida area) can participate in powerful and affordable banner advertising on Use your own banner ads or our custom designs that you purchase and own. Your banners rotate within a specific category and sub-category on for whatever period you choose. Members can expect the best results when they send traffic to their deal page configured as a high converting sales or lead generation landing page.  Non-members sending traffic to an ad-specific landing or sales page will maximize conversions and ROI. Impression and click statistics provide advertisers with measurable performance data for their banner ads.

More About Banner Advertising Program & Options

Why Advertise on + will attract a large volume of local leads and customers from members who promote the site to their customers and prospects. The site will also receive traffic from promotions through social media, email, SMS, blogging and advertising. As more visitors arrive and find attractive deals, events, contests and other reasons to keep coming back, advertisers will benefit from exposure in targeted categories of interest where your ads display.

How Banner Ads Work +

Banner ads can be placed in any main or subcategory deal page category within the website. This makes it easy to target your banner to a particular interest group. Long banner ads (975 x 100 px) display in the top and footer regions of all deal pages. Small banners (300 x 250 px) display in the top and bottom sidebar regions of deal pages. Static banners and simple animated banners are acceptable in file types that include jpg, gif, png and animated gif. Banner categories, sizes and positions are selected from a drop down menu when a banner order is placed. Banner choices in the drop down menu are based on inventory and the number and type of vacant spots. Banners rotate with a maximum of 3 banners in each location. Banner prices are based on location where they display and the advertising period with a minimum of 10 days. Banners automatically change when a page is reloaded for the same visitor. When your ad period is about to expire, you will be notified by email with an option to renew and keep your ad running.

Banner Ad Categories +

Your ad can be placed in any of our deal main or sub-categories. For example, your ad may appear under Home & Real Estate or only under Home Improvements. When you place your ad, select your category from a drop down menu of available advertising spots within our site. Complete a separate order for each category where you want your banner ad to display.

Banner Ad Display +

Banners in top level categories also display on all deal page details under that main category. That means that a banner in the health and beauty category for example, will also display in all beauty, dental, fitness, health and wellness and medical deal pages. Banners on subcategory pages such as beauty, will display only in the beauty subcategory page where all beauty deals are listed.

Banner Ad Design +

Professional banner ad designs are optional but highly recommended. Our designs are skillfully crafted with elements and text messaging that is likely to attract attention and produce more conversions.

High Converting Landing Pages +

Banner ads can be very effective at producing clicks but unless the visitor is finding a high converting landing page, they are likely to leave without taking action. We make it easy for local business network members to inexpensively get access to high converting landing pages and often at no extra charge. We include a bio page for free with our Gold Member package - this is a page that includes an appointment request form along with a logo, video, contact information, and compelling descriptive text and bullets that prompt action.

Banner Ad Statistics +

Banner advertising is truly one of the least costly and most effective forms of lead generation online. When you advertise on our site, prior to the end of your banner ad advertising period, you will receive a report with the number of impressions (where your ad was viewed) and the number of clicks. This makes it easy for you to calculate your return on investment.

How to Order Banner Ads +

Ordering banner ads on our site is easy. Before you order, you will need to have a banner ad created (in the correct size and file type) and uploaded to your computer. Banner types may be static or simple animations. Flash banners are not supported. Static banners can be jpg, gif or png images. Animated gif images are the only acceptable animated file type and should not include multiple frames. Up to 3 banners can display with rotation in the same category top, bottom and sidebar locations. The drop down menu will include only banner categories, sizes and locations (e.g. top, footer, sidebar top, sidebar bottom) where banner spots are available. Be sure to select the correct category or subcategory as well as size and position where you want your banner to display. The minimum purchase period is 10 days. You may complete more order forms for each additional banner you wish to advertise or for the same banner to be available in a different category.

Start your banner order by clicking the button to order banner and completing the simple form. Upon payment, your banner will become available pending our review.

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